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Friday, June 21, 2013

Tara Ritacco

Tara Ritacco is a textile professional and a mixed media artist, recently completed a 2 ½ year Art Cloth Mastery Program.  Her 13 years with Disney costuming allowed her to developed custom textile for entertainment venues in the theme parks world-wide and for Disney on Ice. Ritacco is currently exhibiting work at Visions Art Gallery in San Diego, California and at the A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.  

Trestles   2012


 Silk organza, silk/cotton charmeuse, Tatsumaki and Arashi Shibori, draped, hand and machine sewn. By capturing the transparency and the movement of water, I made “Trestles,” named after the famous surf location near San Onofre.  This silk organza and silk charmeuse dress represents fashion inspired by the ocean waves at Trestles and fashion designer Alexander McQueen.  The outer fabric was pleating and dyed on a rope creating a textured fabric (Tatsumaki Shibori-meaning tornado). The lining was pleated and dyed on a tube (Arashi Shibori).  The hand dyed fabric was then draped and hand sewn into an evening dress and finished by machine sewing.

Isthmus   2013
" Isthmus"

Silk/cotton charmeuse, multi-layered screen printing with thickened dye embellished with crystals.  Machine and hand stitched.  “Isthmus,” named for the primitive side of Catalina Island, brought calmer aqua-blue colors in this 11 color dye- printed dress.  Front and back necklines are accentuated with layered silk and crystal beads.

Life Patterns   2013
"Life Patterns” 
Silk Habotai, embellished with antique buttons.Vintage pattern covers were transferred onto silk.  My mother’s patterns on front and the patterns she made for me as a child on the back. 

This piece is in gratitude. 

For more information on sizing and availability, please contact Tara directly at tara.ritacco@gmail.com.  Customized colors and sizing available.

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