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Friday, June 21, 2013

Joan Pao

Joan Pao is a mixed media artist.  She first explored tapestry weaving as a complement and balance to work as a scientist.  A series of evening design classes sparked the need to create which was different from publishing a scientific paper. Though tapestry weaving was enjoyable, it was slow and precise. The satisfaction of working with dyes and paints and the freedom that came with the techniques, filled the need for color, design and diversity in her work.  Pao’s work appeared in numerous publications including Fuller Craft Museum, Academy of Art, Shuttle, Spindle, and Dyepot, and Fiberarts, and is in private collections. She has an award from the Handweavers Guild of America . She has exhibited nationally.  Pao has served on the Board of The Textile Study Group of New York as Treasurer.  She also was a Board member of New York Guild of Handweavers.  She has recently completed Jane Dunnewold's Artcloth Mastery Program.

Artist Statement         
Creating art cloth spontaneously without preplanning is my way of working. I do have a concept, idea or colorway in mind. As the steps evolve, I use whatever is appropriate in terms of dyes, paints, thread and cloth for the particular piece.  I keep an open mind which enables me to observe new ideas and techniques.  My work is mostly abstract.  I leave the interpretation to the viewer.

Cinnamon Sensibilities
43" x 23"   NFS
Blues Etude
43"  x 23"  NFS
43"x 23"   $1000

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