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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Diana Angus

 Diana Angus first began dyeing fabric in 1998 by attending a conference with Ann Johnston, an international fiber artist.  She has experimented with different dyeing and surface design techniques with a variety of nationally and internationallly known artist/s/teachers in the field since then.  Most recently she completed the Art Cloth Mastery Program, a two and one half year commitment under the tutelage of Jane Dunnewold in San Antonio, TX.  Her work has been exhibited in shows in Inniswood Gardens (2009), Westminster Thurber complex (2013) and The Grandview Library (2013.)
Artist Statement
My work consists of cloth, fiber, paper and human marks with dye, paints, natural substances, found substance and thread.  My feelings and perceptions disappear into the work.  The work speaks for itself, with the hope that the viewer will approach the feelings that I put into each work.

My inspiration involves the intangible relationships between space, time and the natural realm.  The focus of my work is the point between life as we know it and death as it  is perceived. 

No Pulse

Pulse No Pulse 

Ligature: Eight & Seven
40.5 x 41

Drought This Year
      18.5 x 43.5 


  1. Diana, I love the pulse, no pulse pieces they have a depth of emotional feeling in each. The brightly colored works sing!

    1. Thank you so much, Christine! It brings me much joy that you get the feelings.

  2. Ligature is fabulous. I love how you've moved from one color to another so smoothly. Great work!


  3. Thanks, Judy! That is exactly the strength of Ligature.