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Friday, June 21, 2013

Jeannie McMacken

Jeannie McMacken's cloth art is layered, rich with thought and meaning. Transitioning from a career that relied on the written word to communicate, her visual storyboard approach to art combines theme, mood, and detail to whisper a thought, make an editorial statement or scream an injustice. In addition to several technique classes, she is a graduate of Jane Dunnewold's  Art Cloth Mastery Program in San Antonio. Her two and three dimensional work will be exhibited in a solo exhibit in Port Townsend, WA (summer, 2013). 

 Artist Statement

After a fast-paced career using words, I’ve found new joy applying colors and marks to cloth to tell stories. My muse is Nature and I’m endlessly intrigued by her capriciousness. Society gives me plenty of material to work with as well.

Typically my art employs different types of cloth as a foundation canvas, and dyes and paints are colorful mark-makers. Several techniques, including fabric manipulation, screen and mono printing, shibori resist, and color discharge, combine to create the layered richness found in my work.

When I study life and nature, I search out the tune, the lyric, the poem. The intention of my art is to take emotional snapshots of those moments, interpret them, and honor them using my creative lens.

Tor2013  Sold
I Don't Understand You   2013   Sold


  1. Can't wait for your show Jeannie - you're brilliant!

  2. Love your picture. In a real way it reflects your work as a muse and poet of cloth. Your pieces show the courage of the "dramatic" and the wisdom of subtlety. Love it!